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Motivating Your Technology Staff - Personalized It Products Made Cheaper With Discount Coupons And Promotional Codes

For some workers, an information technology job is a world of excitement. Interacting with new clients; promoting the company's brand, message, and products, and making sales are but a few of the “glamour jobs” in the IT industry.

However, for some IT workers, the average day on the job is not all hustle and glory. These information technology workers are the staff responsible for maintaining, repairing – and in some cases, saving – the company's technology infrastructure. These workers are the unseen men and women who do the thankless jobs: maintaining servers; providing technical support; updating spyware, and repairing monitors, towers, and printers.

In the current economic climate, many employers are predicting layoffs; others predict that raises and bonuses for staff will be limited or nonexistent this year. So how can a company working with a tight budget motivate its IT staff to do mundane, routine work on the job without direct monetary compensation?

The company can give away personalized, promotional IT products – and can use discount coupons and promotional codes to get even bigger savings.

Promotional IT products personalize and enliven a mundane workplace; discounts, promos, and coupon codes make savings sweet

Some employees appreciate personalized products like coffee mugs, pens, and notepads. However, to an overworked, underpaid tech support or computer repair employee, these items are nice, but not necessary. Tech geeks like tech stuff. Tech stuff is discounted when it's bought in bulk. Tech stuff is even cheaper when the buyer applies discount coupons and promotional codes. Presenting your tech geeks with promotional tech stuff is a great way to improve morale and performance.

Many employers have never considered the possibility of promotional tech gadgets and accessories – and even if they have, they might be wondering how to procure them. Employers should check out companies that sell personalized and logo products for the workplace. Many of these promotional product discount outlets enthusiastically jumped on the tech bandwagon in the 1990s and began offering personalized tech products and gifts. 

Choosing these products has an immediate, tangible benefit: Employers can take advantage of coupons and discount codes -- as well as bulk merchandising discounts -- enabling them to fit these promotional products and gifts into stagnant corporate budgets.

What are the best promotional gifts and supplies for IT staff?

Personalized USB flash drives

Flash drives are must-have promotional gifts for any information technology enthusiast or professional. These data storage devices are integrated with USB, or “universal serial bus” connectors, and can be used to store data from Windows; Macintosh; Red Hat and Ubuntu Linux; Solaris UNIX, and other platforms and operating systems.

Personalized flash drives can be accented with your company's colors and logo, and are usually available at discounts when purchased in bulk or when using coupon codes. These devices are great ways to improve company morale while giving employees gadgets they'll use every day.

Personalized multi-use hub

USB hubs are becoming more intricate and flashy as technology develops. One of the newest inventions out there is a multi-purpose hub. This device plugs into a computer or laptop, and provides multiple USB ports for the tech geek who loves his or her iPod, Flash drive, external hard drive -- or any other device. Some of these hubs double as clocks, thermometers, or cameras – and many models can be customized with the company logo. Using promotional codes or discount coupons helps businesses to save money on these items.

Mini speakers, ear-bud headphones

Sound amplifying devices can be surprisingly inexpensive ways to improve office ambiance and workplace morale for your IT staff. Promotional discount companies can often personalize these devices with the company logo or the employee's initials. If your workplace won't be disrupted by a little Mozart or Metallica, why not give your techies gifts that sound as nice as they look?

It can be difficult to motivate or retain information technology staff during recessions and layoffs – especially since the funds for monetary rewards can be low or nonexistant. However, promotional gifts designed especially for tech geeks can make a workplace more pleasant as the economy rights itself.
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